Two Trickster Tango Covers -- How Do *You* Roll the Dice?

Things are beginning to "quicken" a bit at this end (there may even be some "Danger Boy" news in the works, but I, like you, am in "staying tuned" mode on that front, at the moment).

However, things are moving clearly, publicly forward on the "Two Trickster Tango" front. 


"Tango" involves a tale of two trickster figures -- the Jewish one, Elijah, and the Native American one, Coyote, knocking around a Steinbeck-y California during the Great Depression (the one in the 30's, I mean).

It's a "picture book for grownups," and Doug Potter has been brilliantly illustrating it for the last two years,  giving me no end of visually compelling Facebook posts as the artwork unfurled.

Now, as we get closer to finding the book its publishing home, Doug is working on covers. The first "variant" is the one on the left -- showing Coyote and Elijah jamming a little (which happens in the book as well).


The second cover, which you see below to the right, shows another trickster -- Raven -- and takes a more "cosmological" view, perhaps evoking Shakespeare's great line that "the odds is gone."

Einstein may declare God doesn't play dice with the universe, but with some of the latest physical theories positing that we may be a bubble universe on the event horizon of an imploding star -- a black hole -- in a four dimensional universe -- well, who knows how our celestial odds are rolling?

As for the woman on the die face? That would be the Shekinah, and I guess a representation of her already marks this -- if it wasn't already -- something of a scurrilous work.

So the question, reader, is which of these covers seems to jibe with you? Gets your juices jangling?, etc.

Let us know!